Valentine’s Day Queen

Valentine's Day Queen


Valentine’s Day Queen

Valentine's Day Queen

Summer Party

Summer Party

Rebecca Taylor dress

Pieces leather bracelet
$17 –

Pieces leather bracelet
$17 –

Butter London eyeliner
$60 –

Urban Decay matte eyeshadow
$35 –

Clinique lip makeup
$27 –

Daisy perfume

Bumble and bumble styling product
$35 –

Bumble and bumble hair conditioner
$32 –

Bumble and bumble hair shampoo
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Essie nail polish
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The White Party

The White Party

Viktor Rolf long dress
$2,860 –

Tarte mascara

NARS Cosmetics red lipstick
$31 –

Chanel fragrance

The White Party

The White Party

Viktor Rolf long dress
$2,860 –

Tarte mascara

NARS Cosmetics red lipstick
$31 –

Chanel fragrance

The Massie Block Diaries: The White Party

cropped gif1

Massie Block surveyed the chaos on her lawn from her bay window, focusing intently on the task at hand. Caterers were setting up stations while sound systems were being plugged in. Everyone moved quickly and furiously, trying to beat out the time restrictions. Massie directed the workers while constantly checking her clipboard to see if everything was on schedule. She felt like her mother.

“Carl, move the Vitamin Water station over to the right. Next to the bubble machine, NAWT BY THE POOL,” Massie barked into her earpiece. With a sigh she tossed the tiny device on her royal purple bedspread and resisted the urge to sink down onto the fluffy duvet. All of this last minute party planning was making her crave a spa day at Under the Rainbow. She made a mental note to schedule an appointment Ay-SAP.

Massie walked over to her Massie-quin and carefully took the outfit off. She smiled at her perfect ten ensemble and started getting dressed.  Soon everyone would arrive and be completely and utterly blown away. She knew that she was destined for the title of Queen Bee and she wasn’t afraid of some wannabe-alphas.

Bean barked and twirled in her little white dress from the Bark Jacobs boutique and nudged her nose towards Massie’s phone. A dozen new messages appeared on the screen. Massie smiled and mysteriously tugged her purple ring. This party was going to be off the charts and no one could take the title from her after tonight.

Massie heard the sound of cars rolling up to her house and heels click clacking on the driveway. The guests were starting to arrive.

Time to win the crown.



Lights were flashing, music was pumping, and guests were arriving. With every new person who arrived at the Block estate, gasps of awe and disbelief could be heard. It was nothing like anything Westchester had ever seen.

“This is completely unreal. UNREAL!” a Serena van der Woodsen squealed to her friends.

“This is like a replica of the white party from the Gossip Girl show. Except a MILLION times better!” a senior girl dressed up as Jenny barely contained her glee.

“Is that Lady Gaga?!” a freshman screeched outside the gates as a bouncer pushed her and her group of friends away. The guest list was super exclusive and everyone wanted in.

Alicia, Kristen, Dylan, and Claire arrived in a tight pack at the front gates. They timidly went up to the bouncer to see if they would be let in. Massie hadn’t responded to any of their texts or calls, and she looked pretty pissed at them when she came to the Pretty Little Liars party.

“Names?” The bouncer asked sharply.

“Uhhh, Alicia, Kristen, Claire, and Dylan,” Alicia tried to steady her shaking voice.

The bouncer mumbled something into his walkie-talkie and then motioned them in with a grimace. They swiftly made it past the gates and into the party. That’s when they took in their surroundings.

Along with having all the elements that the season two party had, Massie had added a few personal touches.

gg cast gif

“BLAKE LIVELY AND LEIGHTON MEESTER?!” Alicia shouted, forgetting her cool. Luckily the music covered her screams. 5 Seconds of Summer pumped through the speakers and girls stampeded to the stage where the band was live-performing.

The entire cast of Gossip Girl was at the party, including all the parents and guest stars. A white carpet was on one side of the party where you could take photos with the cast beneath the backdrop of the infamous Gossip Girl logo.

gg title gif

“Chace Crawford is adorable, I have to get a picture!” Kristen squealed and started to run off. Dylan whined about needing to eat something, so she went towards the humongous buffet.

Alicia looked at the purple glitter sign indicating which bands and singers would be performing when. “Kuh-laire, Look at the line up! Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, All Time Low, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, The Pretty Reckless, Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea, and Beyonce. BEYONCE!”

“This is crazy, how the heck did she manage all of this?” Claire mused in awe. This party was mind blowing and Claire had seen some pretty awesome parties during her time in Westchester. 

“Only a true alpha could,” Massie answered coolly, sneaking up behind the girls.  She looked ah-mazing dressed up as Blair in her white Viktor and Rolf peplum gown and Chanel bag. A tall European-looking brunette stood beside her.

“Hi-i-i, Massie” Claire stammered.

“Who’s this?” Alicia asked. Her jealousy was evident in her voice.

“I’m Natalie. Nice to meet you,” the girl said in a faint French accent. Massie smiled and whispered something in her ear. They laughed.

“Natalie will be joining us at CCD this fall. She’s a family friend so she’ll be staying at my house,” Massie explained with a smirk. Alicia and Claire frowned. It looked like Massie had a new friend and that might mean buh-bye to the Pretty Committee. Especially since Allie-Rose and Sydney, two fashionable girls at CCD, were behind Massie in clique formation.

blair minions gif

“Massie, if you’re mad at us please let us make it up to you! I don’t want to fight,” Alicia rushed. She’s usually not the begging type but she didn’t want to start World War Three with Massie.

Massie’s sharp amber eyes softened a little bit. “Fine. Get rid of that wananbe-alpha clique” 

She pointed to Donna and Kate, the girls who threw the Pretty Little Liars party, who also vying for the throne.

Alicia thought for a minute.

“Done, done, and done. Come on, Claire!”

Alicia texted Kristen and Dylan to meet her at the bar. They needed to stir up some trouble.



 The party was rocking, and Massie knew she hit it out of the park when she saw how much fun everyone was having. It was definitely the party of the century. She was about to walk over to Jocelyn and her clique, who were sweating it on the dance floor, when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

She whirled around on her white Christian Louboutins, expecting to see the Pretty Committee updating her on the Donna/Kate situation. Instead she came face to face with Derrick Harrington, Landon Crane, and Charles Back.

 “I think you have some explaining to do. You’ve been gone for months and you missed the Valentine’s Day Dance,” Landon began.

“You have to choose one of us. And I’m not waiting forever to hear it,” Derrick mumbled to his shoe.

“Who is it, Block?” Charles smirked, as if he already knew she’d choose him.

Massie had done a lot of thinking while she was away (along with a lot of mysterious other things). Her eyes met Derrick’s and she gave him a small smile. He tentatively smiled back.

nate and blair1

Landon saw the little exchange and started yelling,”Him? Are you kidding?! Massie, please we belong together!”

People turned around and started to stare. Three hot boys scrambling for one alpha’s attention? Hello, drama!

Charles stopped smiling. “Wait…Block, I thought you like me? Not this pretty boy!”

Derrick just had a dopey grin on his face that showed how happy he was.

“Well an alpha deserves a prince and you two have been driving me crazy.” Massie responded with a huff. She was done messing around. She had really missed Derrick.

And with that she winked at Derrick and went to find the Pretty Committee.


“EHMAGAWD!!!!!!!” Kate’s shrieks could be heard over the pounding music. Everyone rushed to the scene, including Massie.

Kate had been Nair-tini’d by Alicia and the rest of the PC, which meant that they dumped a ‘martini’ full of Nair hair-removal into Kate’s hair. Just like in Gossip Girl. Massie found this entirely appropriate considering the theme and she couldn’t stop a proud smile from forming on her face.


Kate desperately tried to comb the blue liquid out of her hair. Instead a huge clump of hair fell out of the back of her head. Gasps and screams rippled throughout the crowd, which was then followed by laughter.

The clump of hair was a weave.

Kate’s face turned bright red and she quickly grabbed it and tried to shove it back in her hair, to no avail. Kristen was video-taping the whole scene and a bunch of girls were taking photos to upload to Chandler Royalty, the school gossip site. Kate screeched again and ran off, followed by a shocked Donna. They were so finished.

Massie made her way through the crowd and stood in front of the PC.

“You girls are brilliant. That was perfect.”

“We know,” Kristen laughed.

“It really was fitting and I’ve always wanted to do that,” Dylan giggled.

“So do you forgive us?” Alicia asked.

“For now,” Massie joked. They all smiled and hugged each other, glad to be together once again.



“Attention! I have the anticipated results of the TV themed competition,” Jocelyn began. “As you all know, the winner will become the Sophomore Queen AND the Junior Queen. The reign will last two years and will come with secret privileges for the alpha and her court.”

“Ehmagawd, we totally have to win,” Claire bit her cuticles and jumped up and down with nervousness. The girls formed a tight circle with their heads down and linked arms, praying for their name to be called.

“I think we all know who the winner is, considering two cliques did a Pretty Little Liars themed party,” Jocelyn rolled her eyes.

“Congratulations…….Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire! The Pretty Committee wins with this ah-mazing party. You will go down in history as some of the best alphas to grace the halls of Chandler Country Day. Come up here to receive your crown!”

The PC screamed with happiness and made their way past the dejected faces of all of the beaten cliques, including Gia and Sonya. Massie walked with confidence and pride, relieved that all her hard work FINALLY paid off. When Massie reached Jocelyn, a sparkling crown was placed on her head to the cheers of the guests. Massie waved to her adoring fans and turned around to give Jocelyn a hug. This was the best moment of her life.

Derrick ran up to the stage and gave her a kiss on the head, “Congrats, Massie. You deserve it.”


Gia’s mouth fell open and she pushed her way through the crowd, visibly upset that Massie and Derrick were now an item.

Massie didn’t have time to worry about wannabes or LBRs, it was time to step up and accept the role she was born for; Queen.

She could nawt wait to go back to school.


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The Massie Block Diaries: The Queen Is Back


Massie Block placed one Louboutin heel on the slick pavement and stared at the modern monstrosity in front of her. She curled her glossed lips in disgust at the ugly, but clearly expensive, house. Whoever lived here was her competition, no matter how bad her taste was. Apparently Jocelyn deemed this girl worthy of the race to the Sophomore throne.

Massie slammed the limo door, waved to Isaac, and sauntered to the front door. Music pulsed and cheers could be heard. Without knocking, Massie yanked the door open and stepped into the room.

Girls in a variety of redcoats, blonde wigs, and huge sunglasses whipped around to see who had arrived. As they registered that it was indeed the missing Queen Bee, who wore a gorgeous black dress that flowed to her ankles, gasps and whispers could be heard all around. The room was suddenly very quiet as the hordes of CCD A-listers tried to figure out what was going on.

“She’s not even wearing a Pretty Little Liars Costume!” a girl dressed up as Hanna Marin huffed.


I can NAWT buh-lieve Massie Block is here. She’s been gone for, like, two whole months!”

“Where’d she get her dress? I can’t tell what designer it is! It MUST be custom-made,” a senior breathed excitedly.

“Wait till Donna and Kate find out….”

Massie ignored all the idle chatter and glided confidently through the crowd to the backyard. Strings of light lit up the deck and boys dressed in all black with shovels strolled around. An ominous hole blocked off with police tape completed the chilling theme. Massie rolled her eyes at the decor. She expected better.


A gaggle of girls ceased their gossip and turned towards her. Their mouths simultaneously opened and their eyes bugged out. It was like she was a ghost of the past. Which, she kinda was.

Massie’s amber eyes zeroed in on the group and she recognized them instantly. It was the Pretty Committee, plus Jocelyn and her court. The only people she failed to register were a slender brunette and a pretty Asian girl.

“M-m-massie???” Alicia sputtered, like she ran out of gas.

“What are you doing here?” Kristen gasped.

“We thought you weren’t coming back,” Dylan muttered sheepishly. Claire just gaped at me.

“Hello, Massie,” Jocelyn smiled. She seemed ordinarily calm, meanwhile her clique was furiously whispering. “Glad you came. Unfortunately, you’re too late for the Queen’s competition. This is the last party. We’ve waited long enough.” She continued.

“Who the hell is this?!” The Asian girl stepped in. Her chestnut eyes shone with rage and her shiny dark hair sparkled under the moonlight. Massie silently sized her and her companion up. They definitely were recorded as a threat in her book.

“This is a private party, now leave you wannabe!” The brunette spat and placed her hand on her skinny waist, looking extra snobby in her Spencer costume. Silence.


“Are you Ariana Grande?” Massie asked simply.

“Um, no.” They looked at each other in confusion.

“Then why do you think I would listen to you?” She snapped back. The group erupted into giggles and snorts, including the upperclassmen. “I’m here to discuss the race for the Sophomore throne.”

“Like I said,” Tessa  started.

“What if I make this interesting?” Massie interrupted. Tessa looked at her in shock.


“I’ll have my Gossip Girl party tomorrow, but instead of it just as a chance for Sophomore Queen, whoever wins, wins Junior Queen too.” Massie stated with a smirk. It was risky business, but she couldn’t let Skye Hamilton, the future Senior Queen, decide her own fate as Junior Queen.

 “The winner gets the title of Sophomore Queen AND next year she’ll be Junior Queen?” Dylan squeaked.

“Interesting. That eliminates a competition for next year and gives the winner more time to reign.” Jocelyn mused while the members of her clique nodded.

“Here’s the invitation for my Gossip Girl party tomorrow night,” Massie handed a white and black card to her. “It’s the white party so you are obviously required to wear white. I’m posting the invite on Princess Scandal, but with a strict no LBRs rule. So when you come, we’ll see if any of you are good enough to get in.”


And with that Massie turned on her YSL heel and flounced away, leaving all the girls in a state of shock.


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The Massie Block Diaries: New Year’s Kiss


The anticipation is high. Trendy music pumps through the speakers as everyone dances their stress away, hoping to get rid of their worries. Bottles are ready top be popped and fireworks are ready to be set off. It’s only a matter of time…..3…2…1…

“Happy New Year’s Eve, Massie!” Dylan squealed in my ear as she wrapped me in a massive bear hug. “The house looks great so far!”

“I hope we’ll be finished in time or else a certain someone in fake Prada is going to pay,” I glared at the head of the workers, a plain brown-haired woman with a knock-off bag.

Dylan giggled. “Are the caterers here yet?”

“Nope. Kristen’s been trying to get a hold of them for an hour.”

“Ugh! My mom’s going to freak out! They’re always late,” Dylan sighed.

Claire stomped over out of breath. “Time to get dressed!” She held up the reminder I set on her phone.



Flash! Click! Flash!

My blush-covered cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I daintily put my hand on my slim waist and continued to pose for the cameras. I was on the fabulous silver carpet that looked like the magical snowflakes falling outside my estate. Merri-Lee’s New Year’s Yve party had finally begun! I was so excited that Merri-Lee asked to have it at my newly renovated estate. Celebrity guests milled around, mingling with fashion moguls and powerful executives. This was the party to be at.

 I looked up at the limited-edition crystal YSL clutch hanging above the party, waiting to drop at the stroke of twelve. My heart dropped at the ominous question of who I would be kissing at twelve. I tucked my chestnut hair behind my ear, searching the crowd for those three boys who pulled my heart into three different directions.

Instead my amber eyes found a pair of cat-like green ones. Gia’s mouth was turned into a frown and she frantically made her way over to me.

“I need to talk to you,” Gia said without a hint of sarcasm or superiority. I looked over my shoulders to make sure she was speaking to me. She was.

I snapped out of my shock and glared at her. “What, do you need an introduction to Demi Lovato or something? I know you’re not used to A-list parties, but I don’t need you trailing me around all night like a scared puppy. You’re lucky to be invited.”

She looked confused and a little distracted. “No, it’s about the Sophomore Queen contest. There’s a lot more competition than just you and me.”

“Wh-hat?” I stuttered.

“I shouldn’t have told you…I’m not even supposed to know….whatever keep it on the down low.” Gia scurried away, towards Sonya.

My blood ran cold. The competition was about to get intense.


The rest of the night  pasted a fake-confident smile on my face and chatted up all the important guests. Hey, I might as well make connections now. Who knows when I might need them? Especially with the Sophomore Queen competition heating up.

To tell you the truth, I was avoiding Charles, Derrick, and Landon. Dylan acted like my body guard, notifying me on their whereabouts. I could not deal with this boy drama when I had my fair share of school drama.

“May I have this dance, Block?”

I whipped around to see Charles smirking at me. My heart fluttered when I saw him in his sharp tuxedo.

“Fine. But only one dance,” I allowed. Maybe I could talk to him about everything going on.


 I smiled happily as he lead me onto the glittering dance floor. It felt like we were in a Winter Wonderland. And who doesn’t love being adored by a handsome guy?

“Any news about Giselle?” I asked quietly.

“Nothing other than the fact that she’s alive.” He stiffened. “I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Whatever, Charles. What do you want to talk about?”

“Who were those guys you were with? When you were walking Bean?” His eyes darkened.

I saw a bunch of curious CCD girls staring at me and whispering behind lotioned hands. Even Gia gave me a funny look and Sonya looked confused. It would probably be all over Chandler Royalty tomorrow that Massie Block had three guys under her control.

It was suddenly too hot. “I-I-I….”

“Mind if I cut in?” Derrick said, lightly grasping my hand.

Without another word he lead me off to the side. I looked back and saw an angry Charles standing motionless on the dance floor.


“What are you doing with that guy?” Derrick mumbled.

“Why do you care? We broke up,” I shot back.

“Massie!” Landon came running over, followed by Charles. I froze. The room was too bright, the gossip too loud.

“I’m sick of you leading me on. I need to know if you still want to be my girlfriend,” Landon began.

“You have by the Valentine’s Day Dance to choose who you want to be with.”

3, 2, 1…..Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, indeed.


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Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

Alexander McQueen dress
$920 –

Tom Ford eyeshadow

Christian Dior lip gloss

Buxom mascara